A new cybersecurity alliance focused on the security of operational technology: Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance (OTCSA) Designed to mitigate risk and assess business impact from cyberattacks on utilities, manufacturing and oil and gas industries and physical control devices.

The group is launching as operational technology operators are increasingly targeted by nation-state actors as well as cybercriminals.

Initial members of the Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance include ABB, Check Point Software, BlackBerry Cylance, Forescout, Fortinet, Microsoft, Mocana, NCC Group, Qualys, SCADAFence, Splunk and Wärtsilä.

My 2 cents: these are not the typical OT security vendors. Is it then a new initiative to shine some OT security light on the traditional IT security players?

Mr. Robot – Season 4

“We staged the biggest coup in the history of civilization and everyone volunteered to join”

Love this show since this one has the tech right and the story is right as well. Love it when seeing him using Protonmail, Linux Mint, Kali, wireshard, PCAP password dumps and python script to dig through them.

I am not going to say anything more about it since a spoiler might fire back at me.

“And that’s why I took the initiative in creating the internet” – Al Gore.

Small trip back to memory lane. AltaVista anyone?
Deus group