Bellingcat: increased need & importance

Bellingcat logo.png

Just posting something about Bellingcat since I highly respect this organisation for its transparency and objectivity. Even though they cover the most political sensitive topics, they stick to their objectivity and use open source intelligence to fact-check stories, allegations and events.

The above picture is from their document that links to all open source investigation sources.

I also believe that the need for an organisation like Bellingcat is getting bigger because of the following trends:
– fake news
– deep fakes
– government lead operations/info wars to confuse people
– distrust in MSM (Main Stream Media)
– Threat intel companies not providing intel on their own country (basically they choose sides)
– Propaganda from news organisation (Fox News and Russia Today)

They are even training (free of charge and paid) other people in the art of open-source investigations

Notable cases/stories: MH 17, war in eastern Ukraine, civil war in Syria, El Junquito raid, Yemeni civil war, Skrippal poisoning, Christchurch mosque shootings.

This European press wining story from Christiaan Tiebert is very interesting The Turkish Coup through the Eyes of its Plotters, as you can follow the whatsapp messages chronologically.

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