Shake anyone tailing you with Tails 5.0

After using this for a couple of years, i noticed Tails 5.0 was out so gave it a try. The result is this praise post for Tails and it’s people developing it.

What’s so great about Tails 5.0?

  • installation is a breeze. Previously 2 USB sticks were needed and now just one and download an image and burn this onto the USB
  • installation manual is fool proof and super easy and user friendly with even a QR code to continue reading the installation manual on your phone
  • website is so concise, to the point and in multiple languages, even in Portuguese and Russian
  • and you can donate in multiple ways
  • the people developing Tails and everyone around it are pro’s which can be seen by the Kanban board, the auto-reply-bot in development, transparent list of issues
  • the best thing of it all: it just works!

Any comments? @peterbaurichter on Twitter